ASTRA Defense Group - CAGE/NCAGE: 9P6B1

ASTRA Defense Group is a federal firearms dealer and permit to carry training organization located in Edina, Minnesota. 

We provide best-in-class weaponry to civilians, LEO, military, and security personnel. We are partnered with the industry's most coveted brands to provide the most proven products; top tier firearms, edged tools, ammo, and accessories. 

ASTRA Integrated Weapons System is a proprietary program where we implement our own style and performance to existing platforms. This was started with Glock handguns and is planned to expand to further platforms and products.

Our courses are authorized by the State of Minnesota’s Department of Public Safety and the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension to train and certify for Minnesota’s Carry Permit classes. Pricing for courses are dependent on class size. 



Will Rogers - CEO

Kelly Rogers - COO

Mike Smith - CMO